The Road To Canterbury

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Very readable re-tellings in modern English of some of the best stories and character sketches from Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, superbly illustrated by John Lawrence. Age 10+
Introducing Geoffrey Chaucer The Canterbury Tales The Road to Canterbury The Knight Prisoners of War (The Knight's Tale) The Squire The Yeoman The Prioress The Nun's Priest The Cock and the Fox (The Nun's Priest's Tale) The Monk The Friar The Merchant The Scholar Patient Griselda (The Scholar's Tale) The Poet, Geoffrey Chaucer The Sea Captain A Hundred-Franc Loan (The Sea Captain's Tale) The Haberdasher, Carpenter, Weaver, Dyer and Upholsterer The Cook The Judge The Wild Waves (The Judge's Tale) The Franklin The Black Rocks of Brittany (The Franklin's Tale) The Doctor The Wife of Bath The Queen's Riddle (The Wife of Bath's Tale) The Parson The Ploughman The Miller The Steward The White Crow (The Steward's Tale) The Baliff The Summoner The Pardoner In Search of Death (The Pardoner's Tale) The Poet, Geoffrey Chaucer, Says Good-bye More About the Pilgrims and their Tales
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Production date:November 1981