Edexcel A Level History: The witch craze in Britain, Europe and North America c1580-c1750

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This ebook covers the Paper 3 topic The witch craze in Britain, Europe and North America c1580-c1750 in the Edexcel A level specification for first teaching from September 2015.

This book will:

  • cover the essential content in the new specifications in a rigorous and engaging way, using detailed narrative, sources, timelines, key words, helpful activities and extension material
  • help develop conceptual understanding of the areas students’ struggle with, including evidence, interpretations, causation and change, through targeted activities
  • provide assessment support with sample answers, sources, practice questions and guidance to help students tackle the new-style exam questions

The eBook, powered by ActiveLearn, gives students easy online access to the textbook content. Students can make it their own with notes, highlights and links to wider reading - perfect for supporting coursework and revision activities.  

This eBook has a three year licence, giving you access for three years from the date you activate your login. The licence is for a single user.

A combined print textbook and eBook, and a Kindle edition are also available to buy for this title.

Part of Edexcel A Level History (2015)

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Production date:September 2016