New MFL KS3 Front-of-Class Phonics and Vocab Building packs

Our new KS3 Front-of-Class packs for Dynamo, ¡Viva! Segunda Edición and Stimmt! will help lay foundations for the 2024 GCSEs with digital resources to support phonics and vocabulary acquisition. 

These resources will be made available for free to current Dynamo, ¡Viva! Segunda edición and Stimmt! ActiveLearn subscribers.

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An ActiveLearn subscription will not only give you access to the UK’s No.1 schools digital learning service, but it will also grant you access to our brand-new Front-of-Class resources, designed for the 2024 GCSEs.

What's in the new MFL KS3 Front-of-Class packs?

 The Phonics materials provide a Phonics Scheme of Work for each language to improve your students’ confidence with pronunciation. The Scheme of Work, based on the sounds of the 2024 GCSE subject criteria, will help you introduce, practise and recycle key sounds with your classes. 

  • Focus on sounds that come up in the high-frequency vocabulary from each Module 
  • Formatted as short, fun, ready-to-use PowerPoint sequences with embedded audio, video and games that you can take straight to the classroom 
  • Build confidence in listening and speaking skills, as well as dictation exercises. 

 The Vocabulary materials provide ready-made Vocabulary building grids to support all students in learning and producing key structures, using sentence building techniques.  

  • Ready-made grids for most teaching spreads save you preparation time 
  • Multiple formats to suit your needs (PowerPoint and Word, with and without English translations) 
  • Vocabulary building Worksheets in Word provide further practice and aid consolidation.

Together with the extra support of the new Front-of-Class packs, you’ll be ready to start meeting the demands of the new GCSE with your KS3 classes.

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What are the features & benefits of the new Front-of-Class resources?

  • Provides a Phonics Scheme of Work: rigorously matched to all modules of our widely used and popular KS3 courses (Dynamo, ¡Viva! Segunda edición and Stimmt!)
  • Uses sounds from GCSE subject criteria
  • Sounds are introduced and recycled with various activities, interactive slides, games and drills
  • Created by a team of native speaker MFL teachers
  • Focused on high-frequency vocabulary from vocab-building grids
  • Receptive and productive activities build confidence in transcription and dictation
  • Each slide comes with Teacher’s Notes
  • Downloadable and editable PowerPoint format.
  • Ready-made and timesaving
  • Supports current popular classroom practice
  • Teaches students flexible approaches to using language and allows for differentiation
  • Reinforcement of grammar via colour-coding and visual support
  • Supplementary worksheets (including puzzles)
  • Customisable and printable to support a full range of students
  • Fun and motivating
  • Supports individual practice, cover and homework.

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