New 2024 French, German and Spanish GCSE resources

Created with and for students, our brand-new Pearson Edexcel and AQA resources will help all your learners connect with languages, through diverse and inclusive materials. 


From the team that brought you Dynamo, ¡Viva!, Studio and other popular language courses, our new 2024 GCSE resources are based upon meticulously designed schemes of work, developed with authors and teachers, to ensure grammar and vocabulary are taught and recycled in a logical and systematic order.

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Explore our 2024 Pearson Edexcel MFL GCSE Qualifications

Take a closer look at the detail behind our new 2024 Pearson Edexcel MFL GCSE specifications and see how our student-centred approach stands apart.

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What's included?

What is ActiveHub?

Our comprehensive, digital resources will be powered by ActiveHub, our new digital teaching and learning platform that provides a streamlined front-of-class teaching experience. The range of improved tools are built with languages in mind and enable teachers to engage students with new audio markers for each speaker and the option to slow down the audio to help students access the listening activities.

  • ActiveHub also features improved support for planning, making it easier to find and preview all you need to plan your lesson, term or remediation across both Foundation and Higher tiers, all in one place, as well as assign resources to individuals, groups and classes.
  • The independent learning content has been developed to be easily accessible via mobile devices, reflecting what students have told us about how and when they want to learn. The bank of activities will enable students to practice the vocabulary from the specification as it is introduced throughout the course.
  • It will also include comprehensive assessment resources, so that you have the insights you need to refine your teaching, set next steps and decide the right tier for your students to do their best. 
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New KS3 Front-of-Class Phonics and Vocab Packs

Our new KS3 Front-of-Class packs for Dynamo, ¡Viva! Segunda Edición and Stimmt! will help lay foundations for the 2024 GCSEs with digital resources to support phonics and vocabulary acquisition. These resources are available for free to current Dynamo, ¡Viva! Segunda edición and Stimmt! ActiveLearn subscribers. You also can buy our Front-of-Class packs separately.

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