Revise BTEC Study Skills Guide

Part of the BTEC Revise series

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Production date:April 2020

The key to a smarter way of revising

The BTEC Study Skills Guide improves students’ study skills at any point in the course. It includes tried and tested techniques for organisation and time management, motivation, writing, research, presentation skills and memory consolidation. 

The BTEC Study Skills Guide Planner can support your students in embedding successful, tried and tested approaches to revision to help them make the most of revision time. It puts students in control of their revision so that they are organised, can manage stress and track revision to help achieve their target grades. It has been designed alongside BTEC specialists for learners revising BTEC Tech Awards, BTEC Firsts or BTEC Nationals.

This title also includes an introduction to mindfulness, with accompanying audio, helping learners to manage stress, stay in control, calm and confident with revision.