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When you log in, you are taken to the Library page. This area shows each series or course that you have bought or that your teachers have made available to you. Courses will frequently include some combination of ActiveBooks, Exercises, and other online resources.



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ActiveBook full view

ActiveBooks are digital versions of textbooks with extra tools and resources available for you to use.


ActiveBook Tools

Annotate a page, add notes, and swap between seeing one or two pages at a time. 


ActiveBook navigation

Jump to a specific page or section with a couple of clicks or taps. 


ActiveBook hotspots

Many Activebooks include linked resources, downloadable extras, or online activities.


While your teachers will usually provide you with access to ActiveBooks, some titles can be added to your Libaray by redeeming a code included with a physical (printed) book. 

    Learn about adding ActiveBooks to your Library


    Exercises are auto-marking questions available to help you learn your course material independently.

    Your teachers can see what exercises you have completed and how you performed on them.



    ActiveLearn Exercise Example

    Many different kinds of exercises are available, for many different courses. All exercises can be assigned as homework tasks by your teachers.

    Learn more about homework tasks

    ActiveLearn exercise details

    When you have completed an exercise, you can click on your score to review results and answers from your previous attempts.


    Extra Details about Exercises 

    RAGG Scoring

    Exercises that are completed are shown using a colour coded-scoring system, known as RAGG (red, amber, green, gold) scores. This scoring system is used across ActiveLearn.

    • Red: not many correct (0-33%).

    • Amber: quite a few correct, but still some work to do (34-70%).

    • Green: most or all answers correct (71-100%).

    • Gold: all answers correct (100%) without using hints or learning aids.



    Extended answer questions

    Some courses include extended-answer exercises, which are structured and scored slightly differently. These include one or two simple activities to help understand a larger main question which requires an extended written answer. Students are then guided through marking their answer using a combination of onscreen tools.

    The activities before the main question are scored with both colours and marks, as with other exercises. However, because the written question is self-marked, both it and the overall score only show a RAGG colour. This is because different students will mark their answers differently, so detailed marks could be misleading. 


    Maths and Mastering exercises

    In most subjects, students can freely move forward or back through the activities in an exercise. However, maths courses use a different kind of exercise in which the student must complete one activity before they can move on to the next.

    • Maths exercises often include a "Help me solve this" button in the top bar. Clicking on this button takes the student to a simpler activity in which the question that the student is working on is broken down into smaller steps. This helps with comprehension. "Help me solve this" activities are not scored or included on the results page.

    • Maths exercises also include a Working out area, which students can use to write out their workings or draw rough diagrams.

    Some A-level courses include another type of exercise, known as Mastering. These exercises are designed to help a student get a complete grasp of an important concept within the subject. As with the maths exercises, the student must complete one activity before they can move on to the next.

    • Mastering activities also have "Help Me" activities that break a question down into simpler steps. However, these "Help Me" questions are included in both the Results page and in the final score.




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