Registering Students and Teachers


Once you are registered on ActiveLearn, you may need to register your students. While independent learners can register themselves, school students need to be registered by a teacher. 

It is easy for teachers to upload student information, either individually or in bulk, and then obtain login details for their students.

After students have been registered and organised into groups, products will need to be allocated to them.

Registering multiple students

Most often, you will want to register a large collection of students all at once, rather than registering a students individually. To do this you will need certain information about each student organised in a table format.  

Help Video  Video guide: Registering multiple students


The three essential pieces of information that you must include for every student are:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy – this is used to help ActiveLearn distinguish between students with the same name) 

You can also include other useful information for each student:

  • Email address
  • Username
  • Password
  • School year
  • One or more group names (for instance you might want to set up a class group, and one or more subject groups). 


Groups are at the core of how students and teachers are organised on ActiveLearn, and are useful for online homework, markbooks, and more. While you can manage groups at any time, it can save a lot of time to include them when registering your students.

Learn more about groups


Importing student information

Once you have organised your student information into a table or a spreadsheet, you are ready to import it to ActiveLearn. 

  1. Click on the "Admin" tab in the menu bar, and choose Register multiple students.

  2. Copy the student information you want to import from your table or spreadsheet. [If you want to import student data from SIMS, please read this explanation of a simple way to make your SIMS data compatible with ActiveLearn.]
  3. in ActiveLearn, paste the user data into the text box. You should now see your list of users as plain text. The data will not look properly organised, but don't worry: this will be sorted out in the next step.
  4. At this stage, if you haven't included usernames and passwords in your data, you can add a default password. Type this in the "Password (Default)" box in the left-hand column.

  5. Click Next to see how ActiveLearn has processed your import data and correct any issues.

Double-checking your student data

If there were no serious problem with your pasted data, you will now see an editable table of student information. 



  • Check that the heading for each column is correct. If you need to change a heading, click on the drop-down arrow on the right of the heading. This will show you all the column options.



    • If you have given a column a heading that ActiveLearn does not recognise, it will show the heading "Choose Type". Use the drop-down menu to pick the correct heading. If you do not need the information in a given column, choose the heading "EXCLUDE".
  • If you see an error or missing data (highlighted in red), you can click on a cell to edit it. Once you have made the changes, click either the tick to save them, or the cross to discard the changes.  

If there is a serious error in the information, or if you want to modify your student data and re-paste it from a spreadsheet, the Back button will let you do this.

When you are comfortable that all of the columns correctly match your data, click Next


Did you know?

If you didn't include usernames and passwords in your student data, ActiveLearn automatically generates them. These auto-generated usernames consist of the student's first name, their second name, and a number based on how many other students have the same names (e.g. rupalsingh1, heidigrunewald5, johnsmith14).


Confirming your list of students

ActiveLearn now checks your list of students against those already registered in the website. If your imported list confilcts with or updates an existing account, this will be highlighted in the colour-coded results.



  • If there is a serious error or you want to change your student data, click Back
  • When you are happy with your student information, press Import [number] users.



When the import is complete, a summary of new and updated users will be shown. During the import process, a data file is created which includes the usernames and passwords for the students you have imported. This file is automatically saved to your computer for your reference. Your students are now registered on ActiveLearn!

Next Steps

With your students imported, you are now ready to manage their groups and allocate products to them. Good group organisation is key to online homework, markbooks, and easily allocating courses to classes.

Learn about groups

Learn about allocating products


Registering a single student

If you only need to add a single student to ActiveLearn, this can be done from the Register single student page in the Admin area. You will need certain details to create the student's account (including desired login details).


You can now add your newly registered student to groups and allocate books or courses to them.

Learn about managing student details

Learn about allocating products 


Registering teachers

While teachers can directly register in ActiveLearn using a school's institution code, Accounts can also be created for them by trusted members of school staff. This works in a very similar way to registering students, and can be done one-by-one or in a bulk data import.

To add a single teacher,  go to the Admin menu and click on "Register single teacher" in the teacher section of the left-hand menu. To register a group of teachers, click on "Register multiple teachers". 

Register mult teachers

For registering multiple teachers the procedure is the same as for students, except that for teachers you must include first name, last name, and email address.

We recommend including custom passwords and usernames when registering multiple teachers, to help secure access to teaching resources within your school.





Registering teachers: Access to student details

Teachers on ActiveLearn exist within a 'circle of trust', which allows schools to restrict access to student details to a limited number of teachers or administrators. This is sometimes called a teacher's 'Access type'.


Full access

If you buy an ActiveLearn product on behalf of your school, then when you register you will be automatically accepted as a 'trusted' teacher. This means that you have full access to:

  • View all of the data ActiveLearn holds for your school's students and teachers
  • Register students and teachers, and manage their individual details
  • Manage groups
  • Allocate products
  • Update student years
  • Reset student passwords

Once a teacher has Full access, then any teacher that they register on ActiveLearn will also have Full access.

Access to student details can be individually granted at any time from the Manage teacher details section in the Admin area. 



Restricted access

If a new teacher registers for ActiveLearn using your school's institution code, they will not have access to student details by default, and will not be able to set up groups, allocate products, or reset student passwords. This is called Restricted access. Teachers that want to self-register will be able to request full access during that process.

When registering using an institution code, the Request access to student details button will show a drop-down menu listing all of the teachers in your school who already have full access. Selecting one or more teachers from this list will send them an email, notifying them about the request.






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