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One of the key features for teachers on ActiveLearn is the Tasks tool, which allows you to set online homework for your students and keep an eye on their progress. Tasks are automatically marked and submitted by ActiveLearn, so this work is done for you.

Tasks are assembled using the independent learning exercises included with some products. These exercises can be accessed outside of tasks through the Library by students and teachers alike.


Tasks Overview

By default, the Tasks page shows all of your currently open tasks. These are the tasks you have created that are available for students to complete.



If you have a large number of tasks in this list, you can filter them by group.



Next to the Open tab is the Submitted tab, which shows tasks that have passed their due dates.

Here you can see when a task was due, how many students completed the task, and shows a composite RAGG (Red, Amber, Green, Gold) color for the task's scoring results.


Clicking on the task name will open the relevant Task Progress Report, showing details of how each student performed on the task. If a student has not completed any exercises in a task, they will not appear in this report. 

Learn about Reports

Did you know?

In addition to the Open and Submitted tabs, the Tasks page also includes Drafts and Archived tabs. These tabs let you view tasks you have started creating, but have not yet set for your students, and tasks that have already been completed and you wish to keep for future reference.



Setting a Task

To create a task, go to the Create a new task button at the top of the Tasks page. 



Help Video  Video guide: Setting tasks for students



1. Select Content

First, you will need to select your course and exercises. Only courses that include exercises will be shown here.


Once you have selected the correct course for the task you want create, you can go through the course contents to find, preview, and select the exercises you want to set for your students.

If you click on an exercise, you will be able to see an interactive preview of it. Scores will not be recorded in this preview, but you will be able to see and test how each question/activity works.



The + button shown for each question will add it to your task. The + Add all button is useful for doing this in bulk.

You can use the ◀ button to find and add exercises from a different part of your course. Tasks can include exercises from any part of a course, but cannot include exercises from other courses (a maths exercise cannot be added to a Spanish task, for example).

When you are happy with your task, click the Next button. 

Did you know?

The task basket, linked in the top right corner of the Create task page, allows you to quickly review and change the order of any questions you have added to your task. It also allows you to add instructions for students on a question-by-question basis.


2. Assign to students 

In the next step, you choose the student group for which this task will be set. You can select either some or all of the students in a group.



When you are finished, you can save the task as a draft, or proceed to the next step using the Review and Schedule button at the bottom of the page.



3. Review and schedule

On the last page, you will need to name your task, set start and due dates for it, review the included questions, and add any special instructions you want to send to your students. 

If you want to only give your students a single attempt at the task, tick the Single-try checkbox. By default, this is left unchecked and students can try exercises as many times as they like before the due date.


At the bottom of the page, you can review the list of students that will be assigned the task, and make any needed changes to that list. When you are ready to finish creating the task and set it for your students, click the Set task now button.


You have created your task!

You will now be returned to the Tasks page. Students will see the task appear on their accounts, and will get a notification in their newsfeed.



Notes about Tasks

  • If you find that you do not have a group that is suitable for the task you want to set, ActiveLearn will ask you to create a new group. Learn about creating and using groups.
  • If you are creating a task, but a student does not have access to the ActiveLearn product needed to complete it, they will be automatically given access to this content. This will be shown in the list of students during the Assign to Students stage (see above).
  • When a task reaches its due date, ActiveLearn automatically moves it from "Open" to "Submitted", and will send you an email containing a simple report on the task. This report lists the students who were assigned the task, their scores, completion time, and any extension dates. After this point students will be unable to revisit the task to try again.



Extending a Task

If for some reason you want to allow one or more students within a group extra time for a task, you can grant them an extension.

  1. Open the task by clicking on the task name. The report page for that task opens.


  2. Select those students that you want to grant an extension to by clicking the check box or boxes to the left of the student name. 

  3. Click the "Grant extension" button, above the student list. 

  4. You will see that the student or students that have been granted an extension now have a different date in the Due date column. 


If you want to extend the time a whole group has to complete a task, this is best done by editing the task itself.

  1. Open the task you want to change by clicking on the name. 


  2. When the task page opens, click the Edit task button top right. 


  3. Click on the Due date field to change the date, then click the "Set task" button.

  4. On the Task page, your assignment now has a new Due date. 


Cancelling a Task

If you need to cancel a task: 

  1. Open the task by clicking on the name.
  2. When the task page opens, click the "Edit" button top right. 


  3. Scroll to the bottom of the Edit Task page.
  4. To cancel the task, click the "Cancel" button. 

    ALS_TeacherHelp_Tasks_Cancel button

  5. The task will move to the Drafts tab. 


  6. All students who were set the task will get a message in their Newsfeed to say that it has been cancelled, and the task will dissappear from their Task list. 



Archiving a Task

If you no longer need to work with a submitted task, but want to keep it available for future reference, you can archive it.

  1. Open the task you want to archive.


  2. Click on Edit, as above.
  3. At the bottom of the Edit Task page, click the Archive button. 

  4. The task will move to the Archived tab.




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