Back to school support that saves the day

As you prepare for the year ahead, we’re here to highlight some of our key resources to help you and your learners settle back into school this Autumn.

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You can also access your free ‘Autumn term at a glance’ guide, helping you plan key dates for the term ahead.

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The Wellbeing Zone

We’re passionate about working with educators to create positive wellbeing and mental health in schools. The Wellbeing Zone includes teacher and parent advice from Clinical Psychologist Dr Helen Care on helping anxious children and teenagers, mindfulness guides and resources, wellbeing support and our mental health support in schools toolkit.

Exam support

We understand that every student’s GCSE journey is different, and finding the resources to give them the best start is an important part of their exam preparation. At Pearson, we have everything you need to get them feeling confident and prepared for their exams, however they learn best. Our comprehensive exam support offering includes: Pearson Edexcel Mocks Service, Pearson Tutoring & Pearson Revise.

Discover the Professional Development Academy

Our PD Academy online portal is here to support UK teaching professionals in their continuous professional development. We can help you to:

• Learn more about the subject you teach
• Learn new teaching skills and practice
• Develop skills to progress your career
• Support students with a variety of abilities and needs

Learn more, climb high, go further.

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