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Digital learning is shaping our future. It’s opening up education to more people than ever before. With Pearson’s online courses, flexible lesson times, a choice of subjects, and interactive learning resources are only a click away.

What is Pearson's online A level Spanish course?

It's exactly that - our full Pearson Edexcel A level course for Spanish, delivered online. Our online A levels provide flexible lesson times, differentiated instruction, high-quality, interactive learning resources, rigorous formative assessments, and the latest generation learning platform.

Imagine being free from the constraints of timetabling, student numbers or finding specialist teachers.

Our online A level courses are:

Each course provides 5 hours of learning per week:

  • 1 hour live lesson with our teacher in a small, online class
  • 4 hours of self-guided learning using our range of high-quality online resources.

Only the 1-hour “live lesson” needs to be coordinated, and there are multiple time slots available to fit into your students’ timetable.


  • A sophisticated but easy-to-use learning system allows our teacher to track each student’s progress in real-time and make data-driven decisions regarding next steps.

  • You’ll receive a detailed weekly update to you on each individual student’s progression.

We just ask you to provide a quiet room for each lesson, with an internet-connected computer and a headset with a microphone for each student, plus a ‘Success Coach’ (which could be a teacher or TA) to ensure that students are in class, and on task, during each lesson.

We partner with you to provide everything that your students need to succeed.




We’ve spoken to Maggie Hildreth, Head of Modern Foreign Languages at The Joseph Rowntree School, York, to learn how she and her students are benefitting from their Spanish online A level experience. 

Download the PDF (158KB) to read Maggie's story, and learn more about Maggie's experience in the video below. 





hannah wallis

Find out more about how Hannah Wallis, Co-assistant Head of Sixth Form at Ash Green School in Coventry, and her students are benefitting from their Spanish online A level experience.   


Download the PDF (158KB) to read Hannah's story. 




Imagine being able to offer any A level subject that your students want to study.

Our online A level courses are:


  • Live lessons delivered by our experienced, qualified teacher via web-based video conferencing.

  • Students can get in touch with their teacher throughout the school day via email, chat, video call or telephone, with appropriate safeguarding measures in place.


  • Engaging learning resources including all homework, formative and summative assessments, and mock exam practice - all matched to our latest Edexcel specification for A level Spanish.

Take a look at our short video to learn more:

Why choose Pearson?

We know online learning, and we know a thing or two about A level courses as well.

Pearson has been successfully delivering online courses to primary and secondary students in the US for over 15 years. We teach courses to 70,000 students a year in America and 48 other countries around the globe. We've applied our thousands of hours of online learning experience, combined with our expertise in A level teaching and learning materials, to offer something that’s right for UK students.

Next steps 

It only takes a few days to set yourself up as a centre, and our experts are on hand to answer your questions and offer personalised advice. 

As a first step, please register your interest and we'll be in touch:

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Learn more about the specifications that students will follow on this course:

Find out more about how one school is benefitting from the online course.



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